Special Feelings That One Develops After Hitting A Dab Pen

Special Feelings That One Develops After Hitting A Dab Pen

Users tend to have different experiences after hitting a dab pen especially when they’re practicing it for the first time. However, a good number of them seem to agree that a first dab experience is unique in several ways. More importantly, there are those who compare the feelings brought as a result of hitting a dab to their first time of smoking weed even as reports indicates that the two cannot be compared. Available studies argue that whenever you hit a dab pen, it will cause a psychedelic explosion both in your brain and body. For many users, this feeling cannot be compared to a feeling brought by any narcotic substance that you might have tasted previously. It’s good to state that first-time dabbers should be ready to face strange feelings that they might never have tasted before.

Equally, if you’re a newcomer that

Equally, if you’re a newcomer that wants to try the practice, you need to have strong guts that will allow you to laugh when you hit your dab. It’s good to note that these are not the only things that you’ll be facing especially when THC is in the equation. This is because THC contains the correct molecular component that has a special effect on your body cells that are commonly known as cannabinoid receptors. Researchers have established that THC has the ability of controlling cannabinoid receptor that is normally located on the surface of brain cells. It’s worth stating that this action will affect the working of your nerve cells. Medical experts have discovered that it has the powers of changing the chemical activity of the cell which changes physiological causing psychoactive conditions.

This comes as compelling evidence indicate

This comes as compelling evidence indicate that the feelings that you’ll get when you hit a dab varies from person to person. Here, if you’re an experienced smoker who’s trying a dab pen for the first time, it will make you feel like every part of the world belongs to you. This will be different for inexperienced smokers and can turn out to be regrets. A point often overlooked is that the beginners should choose their dosage carefully. It is good to note that taking a dab overdose will come with far-reaching challenges. Some that tried during their first attempt experienced diarrhea that made them cry for mercy.

Special Feelings That One Develops After Hitting A Dab Pen

Likewise, you should always hit your dab pen more carefully to prevent unknown problems. The good thing about using a dab pen is its ability to allow users to hit it a little more when they choose. Studies have shown that more than 90 percent of people that dabbed a pen cough in the process. It is important to state that hit a dab will make your lung feel like it’s shrinking in the chest. For many, coughing out make them feel like they are removing their lungs out. Although it’s common knowledge that drinking water will solve a problem of coughing, it won’t help you in this situation. The good thing is that this condition will normalize as you get more.

With severe coughing, expect your body to sweat excessively in return. Importantly, a number of them believe that dabbing is what makes users sweat profusely although it’s debatable. Even though there are reports that will make you believe that hitting a dab of THC is similar to smoking a joint, the two processes are totally difference. And Sera Jane Ghaly in one of her articles said that comparing them will similar to diluting your mango nectar with water. It’s important to note that you’ll experience a flavor that is different from smoking.

Above all, you should take necessary precautions that will ensure that dabbing won’t control your body functioning. This is a common practice to more than 50 percent of drug addicts who cannot function properly without taking one. It will be good if you’ll be in position to distinguish between what your body needs and what it doesn’t. If you’ll become a first-time, ensure that whatever that will be required in the near is within your reach. Experiences have shown that it’s more difficult to make end meet when you’re hooked on drugs. Things can become worse when you want to move a couch and this is the reason you’re being advised to avoid abusing drugs.